Customer success story

Office Supermarket Case Study

Telemarketing pilot to re-activate dormant customer base proves the value of telemarketing channel for Office Supermarket.

Office Supermarket, is one of the UK’s leading online office furniture suppliers. Based in Bristol, their mission is to provide a one-stop-shop offering outstanding choice, excellent quality, and exceptional service to customers across the UK. The company prides itself on its customer service-led approach and extensive range of high-quality, guarantee-backed office furniture and seating.


Campaign objective and project background

Office Supermarket had a large database of existing customers that had not been regularly called with the only contact being through email nurture. The business had not used telemarketing before, and the only calls made were to a small number of select accounts. They therefore decided to engage a telemarketing agency to test the value of voice as a channel and its ability to warm interest in the inactive customer base. They identified The Telemarketing Company (TTMC) as a good fit for the brief based on their credentials and experience.

Project execution

The client provided TTMC with a database of inactive customers who had not ordered within the last three months that included a mix of company types, from small businesses to larger organisations across multiple sectors. TTMC was tasked to call customers to check satisfaction with their previous order and the delivery process, and to cross-sell/upsell products that would be logical additions to previously ordered items.

Data was segmented based on purchase history, to prioritise customers who had ordered more frequently and those with a higher spend and/or average order size. The approach was tailored across segments, with greater emphasis on reintroducing the brand at the start of calls to customers who hadn’t bought for some time.
A briefing took place to educate TTMC on the product range and value-add services such as installation and delivery options. In order to alert existing customers to products that would complement their previous purchases, TTMC agents needed to be knowledgeable not only about the range itself but the different colours and finishes available, such as leather, fabric, mesh, and plastic for seating. If a customer wanted to purchase storage to go with an existing desk, finishes and dimensions needed to be checked and confirmed.

Decision maker contacts would vary so agents were briefed on the different customer personas, their needs and pain points so they could tailor the proposition accordingly. It was likely, for example, that value would be a high priority for a small business owner, whereas a Facilities Manager at a larger business might be more interested in the breadth of the product range and the ease of sourcing from a single shop.

The briefing also covered the systems that agents would need to use when engaging with customers. The process was for TTMC to work within the client’s own CMS, where they would create quotes and process orders, adding applicable discounts. Where quotes had been issued but no order placed, TTMC would receive a notification, enabling them to follow up with that customer and help them progress through the process. TTMC also had access to a ticketing system to give visibility to responses to quotes and emails.

Client and agency collaborated closely from campaign launch. Office Supermarket took advantage of TTMC’s real-time reporting portal which provided detailed data and analytics and allowed them to download and listen to call recordings to provide feedback and support to the team. Regular reviews took place, and the approach was continuously refined to improve performance, including the addition of a discount incentive to encourage customers to order within a given timeframe. Several agents were also trialled to identify the style and tone of voice that best fitted the brand and campaign requirements.

Given the size and age of the database, agents often found there were no immediate needs or requirements, but the call provided a good opportunity to reconnect with the customer and build awareness of the brand’s wider offer. Agents were also able to gather feedback around issues or queries within the order process and offer an opt-in to receive email updates.


Following this initial pilot, the client has been very impressed with TTMC’s collaborative approach, their flexibility and commitment to best practice as well as the transparency and insight provided by TTMC’s online portal.

The campaign has warmed their database and re-introduced the brand and its offer to lapsed and inactive customers. Data has also been cleaned within the client’s own system and opt-ins to email updates added to create a better foundation for future activity.

The client has also seen the potential value of telemarketing as a channel and is now looking to trial a different strategy that will focus on setting face-to-face or online appointments for their higher value office refurbishment services.