Customer success story

QMJ Group Case Study

TTMC boosts registrations, refines data, and provides key insights to help shape QMJ’s UK Concrete Show.

QMJ Group Limited is a well-established publishing and exhibitions business serving the quarrying, concrete, and natural stone industries. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, QMJ offers comprehensive B2B solutions through print, online platforms, and face-to-face events. Notable events include the UK Concrete Show, Hillhead, and The Natural Stone Show, supported by leading media and industry publications.

Campaign objective and project background.

QMJ were running the UK Concrete Show for the first time since acquiring the event from previous owners. They were keen to build the profile and maximise attendance. Objectives were threefold, to re-engage past visitors to drive attendance, clean and enhance data, and gather customer feedback to refine and improve the event's appeal.

Given their particular objectives, they felt that telemarketing would provide a direct and targeted approach to drive registrations and the personal one-to-one interaction needed to gather up-to-date, granular data and insight.

Having approached several agencies, QMJ appointed The Telemarketing Company (TTMC) based on their extensive event marketing experience and customer success in the sector. They were also impressed with the transparency provided by TTMC Connect, the agency’s real-time reporting portal.

Project execution

The client provided 7000 records comprising past visitors and registrants to the show. As the event was fast approaching, TTMC was under pressure to set the campaign up as soon as possible and drew on all available resources to achieve this within just a few days.

A briefing session took place to give agents an overview of the upcoming event and to outline the key campaign objectives. Detailed insights into the event's unique value proposition, including networking opportunities, educational seminars, and access to industry-leading brands, were provided to ensure agents could effectively communicate benefits.

The campaign was set up in TTMC’s bespoke calling platform, data loaded, and the platform configured to ensure outputs would meet the client’s requirements, with specific dispositions to capture key information such as reasons for ‘no interest.’ In addition, access was provided to TTMC Connect, the agency’s real-time reporting platform through which QMJ could access performance data and download call recordings. A concise call opening was crafted that would secure attention and succinctly communicate the value proposition at the start of each call. Calling as QMJ Group, agents would establish credibility from the outset based on the brand’s strong reputation and track record as a leading provider of industry events and resources.

As calling began, TTMC proactively shared call recordings and gathered input from the client to optimise the approach. The agents were quick to adapt based on client feedback and lessons gleaned on early calls. They needed to achieve a delicate balance across all objectives when engaging potential event attendees. This required strong communication, persuasive skills and rapport building to gather up-to-date contact information and feedback, without overwhelming the prospect and compromising the overarching goal of securing a registration.

A consultative approach was applied to understand prospect interests, address common pain points, and tailor the benefits of attendance. Using open-ended questions, agents encouraged prospects to share their business challenges and then positioned the event as an opportunity to gain insight, learn best practice, and access information and resources to help address those challenges. Aligning benefits with the specific needs and priorities of each prospect not only increased the likelihood of conversion but created a sense of urgency and excitement around participation.

As agents proactively sought feedback and drilled down to understand reasons for ‘no interest’, they were required to handle objections and address barriers to attendance. Some issues were raised around previous events such as charges for parking or the fact that the event had not been sufficiently engaging. Agents needed to strategically frame the proposition, adeptly addressing any potential barriers, while emphasising that QMJ, as new owners, had refreshed and revitalised the event. Skilled objection handling enabled the team to overcome resistance, maintain a positive dialogue and drive registrations.

Agents became increasingly fluid in their conversations with prospects and the campaign has established a strong flow of registrations. Additionally, data has been cleansed and feedback systematically captured during calling to provide valuable insight to enhance future events and refine marketing strategies.


The campaign has been successful in generating 497 registrations for the UK Concrete Show, one registration on average per hour and 110% of the targeted number.

Profiling questions have gathered insight from past attendees, particularly those not open to registering this year, to help shape the event and proposition for the long-term. Almost 12,000 updates have been made to the original data, providing a clean, profiled database for future marketing activities.

QMJ Group have been delighted with the results generated by TTMC and impressed with the effectiveness of targeted outreach and personalised communication in enhancing event promotion. They have established a strong partnership with TTMC, benefitting from the agency’s event marketing expertise and agility, including the speed of onboarding which was achieved within just a couple of days.