Customer success story

Imprivata Case Study

Healthcare sector appointment setting for Imprivata exceeds target and client expectations.

Founded in 2002, Imprivata® is the digital identity company for the healthcare sector. It provides identity, authentication, and access management solutions that are purpose-built to solve healthcare’s unique workflow, security, and compliance challenges. Imprivata enables healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information across the increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem.


Campaign objective and project background

Imprivata needed a B2B outbound specialist to generate BANT qualified leads for the launch of IDG, their new identity governance platform and approached The Telemarketing Company (TTMC) and a number of other agencies to pitch for the business. Imprivata also had requirements for a second campaign calling a pre-qualified list of customers to understand their needs for virtual appliances and hardware and create follow-up calls for their sales team.

Calling would initially focus on the UK and then potentially extend to a wider territory, once the approach was proven so the client needed an agency offering native language speakers who could adapt as their needs evolved. Given Imprivata’s reputation in the sector it was important that they found a partner who could demonstrate a robust quality framework and whose processes met their stringent compliance needs. After careful evaluation, they appointed TTMC based on their agile approach, client portal, multilingual capabilities, ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security accreditations.


Project execution

The initial phase of calling was to promote IDG, an identity and access management solution that helps healthcare organisations with fast, secure role-based provisioning and deprovisioning to systems and applications. Imprivata provided a target list of NHS customers with >3000 staff, those with high, fluctuating or transient staff requirements most likely to benefit, including teaching hospitals, large A&E departments and regional hospitals under pressure to on board new staff quickly due to COVID-19. 

The target list contained a mix of decision-makers from Chief Information Officers, HR Directors, Chief Technical Officers and Data Protection Leads to Clinical Department Heads. IDG offers a range of benefits so a thorough briefing was important for the TTMC team to understand the overall benefits and, most importantly, the function-specific pain points and associated benefits for each decision-maker type. For example, efficient management of joiners/movers/leavers would be of interest to HR Directors, whilst account creation and management would free up the IT team’s time and rapid on boarding would help clinical heads ensure new staff could access hospital systems from day one.

Once the team was briefed the lead caller got up to speed very quickly and within a short period results had exceeded the target set of one appointment every 10-15 hours. The target list was segmented in line with the client’s sales territories so that leads could be assigned accurately across the sales team. Meetings and demo invites were sent out by TTMC and copied to the relevant sales representative who could then access lead notes and call recordings via TTMC’s online client portal to gain insight into the prospect’s needs and interests.  Strong communication direct with the sales team fostered a close working relationship and TTMC benefited from regular feedback and coaching, which quickly built their confidence in positioning the proposition and in turn helped optimise campaign performance.

Following the success of the initial campaign, a second wave of calling focused on capturing the hardware requirements of a predefined subset of the customer base. This was a more technical proposition that required TTMC again to pivot their knowledge and tailor their message to the needs of a specific decision-maker group. As before, traction built quickly and results surpassed client expectations within a very short space of time.

As calling progressed, TTMC became increasing fluid in navigating across the decision-maker matrix, identifying pain points and positioning benefits on the fly based on information shared on each live call. As the team’s knowledge deepened they were able to flush out opportunities across both propositions, responding to cues from each prospect and adopting a cross-sales approach to maximum value from each call. As the campaign matured, TTMC continuously refined its approach to optimise performance, for example, extending calling to rebook missed appointments so that no opportunities were missed.


The IDG campaign has delivered 38 appointments, one for every 3.4 hours of calling and the hardware campaign 7 appointments, one for every 8.75 hours, vastly exceeding the target of one appointment every 10-15 hours.

The client has already secured business from the hardware campaign and is working through a healthy potential pipeline of high-quality opportunities.

TTMC has now been engaged to support sales of Imprivata’s OneSign solution to private and public sector hospitals in Portugal.

The team demonstrated great expertise, a highly professional approach, great communication and knowledge of our products. And, most importantly, they delivered results that exceeded our expectations.
Sr. Marketing Programs Specialist, Imprivata