Customer success story

Amba Case Study

TTMC’s proprietary calling platform provides increased productivity, visibility and team integration for Amba’s outsourced lead generation.

Since 2001, Amba has been helping HR professionals and business owners to attract and maintain happy, efficient and productive workforces. The company supports businesses with innovative technology, expert advice and consulting services across employee benefits, health insurance, pensions and workplace savings, wellbeing and HR.

Amba is set to be the first B Corp employee benefits and HR platform provider, a certification awarded to companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Its goal is to help other businesses embrace the role of HR in supporting their Net Zero commitments and other sustainability pledges.


Campaign objective and project background

Amba was struggling to recruit internal sales development reps (SDRs) to convert Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and then clients. They decided to employ an outsource solution to plug the gap, an external agency that could provide a flexible SDR resource working closely with their internal teams, systems and processes. The Telemarketing Company (TTMC) was appointed based on the depth of their experience working collaboratively with internal client teams and the quality of their credentials, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditations.

Project execution

A briefing took place where the client met with their dedicated account manager and team at TTMC. Whilst Lumina offers benefits for all sizes of business, TTMC was briefed to prioritise medium and large businesses with 250-5000 employees, those most likely to be making organisational sustainability commitments such as Net Zero pledges or B Corp certification. The target decision makers were senior staff responsible for HR, Wellbeing, Sustainability, Compensation and Employee benefits.

The initial brief was for the outsourced SDR to initiate a conversation with marketing generated leads, qualify fit and then generate demo appointments for the client’s team to deliver. A number of criteria were set to ensure demos were booked only with those with the budget, authority and need to purchase, ideally within 3-6 months. Those outside of the purchase window needed to be captured to create a future pipeline of qualified opportunities.

Amba’s platform, Lumina, offers a wide range of products and benefits for HR professionals, so the briefing covered the platform modules as well as the client’s systems and processes. It was important that TTMC was able to present the brand effectively and align their conversations to Amba’s values, particularly the importance of the HR function in organisational sustainability.

Following the brief and shortly after the campaign had launched, it transpired that the client was successful in their recruitment effort and able to appoint a team of three in-house SDRs. As a result TTMC’s brief changed quickly to targeting prospects at an earlier stage of the funnel based on looser criteria, with the objective of delivering a flow of ‘top of funnel’ leads for the new in-house team of SDRs.

Initially TTMC was working within the client’s own Zoho CRM platform but following the pivot to lead generation, it became clear that the CRM could not provide the operational reporting needed to measure performance and support collaboration between the two teams. A decision was made therefore to transfer the campaign to TTMC’s own proprietary calling platform. This provided a number of benefits including increased productivity due to the higher call rates that could be achieved on a bespoke calling platform. It also provided greater visibility for the client and greater prospect insight for the SDRs through lead notes and shared call recordings.

The shift to TTMC’s own platform enabled the client and agency to work more closely together to overcome challenges and improve performance. For example, marrying the quite complex proposition to the individual needs of each prospect within a very diverse target audience could be challenging. On each call, TTMC needed to identify and position the relevant benefits from within the many options available via the Lumina platform, whether wellbeing checks and training, ISAs and ethical investments, HR tools or staff rewards. TTMC’s own platform strengthened the feedback loop and enabled the client, having listened to call recordings, to guide TTMC and coach them in taking a more structured approach to communicating the multiple facets of the proposition.

TTMC were excellent to work with and extremely adaptable to the various changes that took place over the course of the project.
Head of Commercial


The campaign has delivered a robust pipeline of leads and opportunities to be progressed by the in-house team of SDRs. Amba has been thoroughly impressed with TTMC’s ability to provide SDR support at short notice, plugging a gap in their in-house resource and maintaining their sales pipeline. They have also been impressed with the agency’s ability to adapt quickly as circumstances changed, shifting focus from delivering demo appointments to ‘top of the funnel’ lead generation. The client has also benefitted from increased productivity, visibility and integration through TTMC’s proprietary calling platform.

"The initial training and briefing sessions were integral to the project and I felt supported throughout by the whole team. I was very happy with the service provided from an account management perspective and could absolutely see the value in their recommended in-house technology once we implemented these.

The reason we ceased the relationship was because we had hired our SDRs internally. I would highly recommend working with Daren and his team."

Head of Commercial, Amba