Celebrating 30 years delivering insight and sales growth to the world’s leading organisations.

28 February 2020

The Telemarketing Company (TTMC) is delighted to be celebrating 30 years delivering outstanding B2B voice contact services to the world’s leading organisations. To mark this occasion our anniversary infographic with a 30-year timeline of our history, looks back at our most memorable milestones.

Established in 1990 and based in Brighton, TTMC has been one of the UK’s leading outbound telemarketing agencies for the past three decades, specialising in best-in-class voice services whilst other agencies diversified their propositions. The company provides scalable, multilingual phone-based services, from pre and post sales research and data services, lead generation and appointment setting, to full telesales and Inside Sales. TTMC has deep and broad experience across many sectors, with a solid footprint in the technology sector and in heavily regulated markets such as financial services, given its FCA authorised status and ability to meet complex compliance needs.
A focus on high quality, high-performance services has been central to the company’s success and it has grown year on year by generating real value and high levels of repeat business.
Niall Habba, MD since 1998, commented:
“We are absolutely delighted to be entering our fourth decade of growth and success.
In an industry with many short-lived companies of mixed reputation, I firmly believe that we’ve grown to where we are because our culture is based on hard work, taking the long term view, treating clients as partners and colleagues as equals, and doing the right thing at every level of the business.
Most of our clients are global organisations and household names and our amazing Brighton based team have made major contributions to their UK and global success through their skill, commitment and hard work.
We’ve focussed on making sure we stand out as the first choice for ambitious businesses that want to use the phone to drive brilliant results. Our motivated, flexible and trained people prove time after time that they can do things for our clients that simply can’t be achieved using other channels.
The future is bright. In another 30 years perhaps we will all have been replaced by bots and having a well-earned holiday, but for as long as people need to speak to people to get business done, we expect to be busy.”

 View our 30-year timeline infographic

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