Customer success story

Qualco Case Study

Appointment setting campaign exceeds target, surpassing client expectations in terms of flexibility, performance and responsiveness.

QUALCO is a specialist provider of debt portfolio management systems and technology-enabled services, covering all aspects of the debt collections and recoveries lifecycle.

For over 15 years, they have serviced the decision-making, analytical and operational needs of leading financial institutions and other organisations with receivable assets. Their portfolio ranges from technology and analytics services to portfolio management consulting and end-to-end debt servicing.

Qualco has a development centre in Greece and a business development and operations centre in the UK, as well as offices in France, Cyprus and Brazil. They support over 70 clients in more than 15 countries to accurately value their debt portfolios, streamline their collections operations and improve performance.


Campaign objective

QUALCO engaged The Telemarketing Company (TTMC), an FCA authorised business with extensive experience in the finance and utilities sector, to undertake a campaign aiming to increase awareness for its software solutions and increase demand within the UK.

For us it was the first time to add a telemarketing component in our marketing plan and initially there was some hesitation on how our sector would respond to it.
Head of Marketing, Qualco

Project execution

Three agents from within the technology specialist team at TTMC were briefed so that different styles and approaches could be assessed and cover provided for sickness or absence.

There were some key factors to take into account to ensure the success of the campaign:

  • QUALCO offers a wide range of tools, from collections and recovery and loan management software to analytics that predict customer behaviour and allow businesses to optimise treatment strategies. There was a steep learning curve for callers to understand the complexity of these propositions and get to grips with relevant industry jargon and acronyms.
  • The sectors and the profiles targeted were diverse so it was important to align messaging and position relevant benefits accordingly.​​
QUALCO was 100% committed to the engagement and to helping TTMC address these challenges, listening to call recordings and providing regular feedback and coaching. Their support ensured that callers built their product knowledge quickly and honed their approach so that the campaign quickly gained momentum. TTMC adopted a flexible approach and was highly responsive to feedback, continuously refining the calling strategy to maximise results.

The team at TTMC have surpassed my expectations with their professionalism, speed of learning, and the way in which our prospects have positively responded to them.
Head of Software Sales UK & Ireland, Qualco


The success of the initial pilot led QUALCO to extend calling by two weeks to allow further lead nurturing. At the end of the calling period, TTMC had hit and exceeded the initial target. 75% of leads passed to the sales team resulted in a follow-up action, a much higher conversion than the business has seen previously.

In addition to high quality leads, the telemarketing activity has provided valuable insight into the profile of the UK market, identifying those segments most receptive to a technology solution. This insight will provide an input for a new wave of calling.

"They have picked up some quite complex product concepts and adapted conversation flows, quickly achieving some really promising results.  We are looking forward to working with them again soon."

Head of Software Sales UK & Ireland, Qualco