Customer success story

Call360 Case Study

TTMC delivers successful proof of concept for Call360’s AI-powered call tracking platform

Founded in 2013, Automated Analytics was the brainchild of founder and CEO Mark Taylor. The business offers a suite of tools designed to close the loop on the tracking of online clicks to offline conversions, enabling better campaign optimisation - whether that be to generate more sales or hire more candidates.

Call360 is an AI-powered call tracking platform within the suite that enables automatic sales attribution and customer experience insight across all channels. The platform allows organisations to track the customer journey from clicks to offline phone calls, categorising the intent, sentiment and outcome automatically to create sales attribution models that are accurate and effective.


Campaign objective and project background

The company had tried a variety of marketing strategies but needed an approach that could deliver a more consistent pipeline of ‘larger’ clients. They felt a direct approach such as telemarketing would help them identify and strategically target businesses with a greater propensity to buy, whilst at the same time delivering ‘Voice-of-Customer’ insight to inform their business strategy and sales propositions.

The Director of Business Development was referred to The Telemarketing Company (TTMC) by a colleague with previous experience of the agency. As a new technology provider it was important they identify an agile agency that would allow them to benchmark and refine different approaches. TTMC stood out amongst a number of agencies considered due to their transparent and collaborative approach and was therefore engaged to deliver an initial proof of concept.

Project execution

The proof of concept programme was to focus on two separate campaigns targeting two segments simultaneously- Marketing Optimisation and Customer Experience.

Customer Experience (CX)

The CX campaign focused on Call360’s ability to automatically measure the impact of customer behaviour from every inbound call, allowing clients to manage, measure and improve their customer experience.
The campaign targeted Heads of Client Services, Customer Success, Customer Experience and Engagement in UK businesses with £30M turnover across multiple sectors. TTMC was tasked to qualify and schedule appointments with CX experts and prospective buyers so that the Call360 team could demonstrate the platform’s capabilities.

Marketing Optimisation

The second campaign targeted Senior Marketers including Heads of Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Brand, User Experience and PPC in businesses with £15M+ turnover, again across multiple sectors. The key message was the platform’s ability to deliver automatic insight into marketing campaign performance and ROI, enabling data-driven decisions and improved marketing attribution.

A specific briefing took place for each campaign and the target audience was broken down into customer personas with corresponding pain points and benefits. It was vital that calling targeted the right individuals with the right message so TTMC was tasked to source new data to match the target profiles as existing data did not meet requirements. To allow for testing the approach and proposition across different sectors the list included a number of industries from automotive, retail, and insurance, to leisure and hospitality.

The brief was left open in a number of areas including the call opening and the qualification criteria as the goal was to learn from customer feedback, incorporate lessons and refine the approach. For this reason the client and agency worked very collaboratively, sharing insight through call recordings and meeting regularly to review performance.

TTMC’s calling platform provided visibility of campaign status and segmented data so that performance was tracked separately across campaigns and audiences. TTMC Connect, the agency’s online reporting portal, further facilitated collaboration, providing the client with real-time access to data and performance analytics.

An iterative approach enabled continuous campaign optimisation with changes to the calling team, the call approach and product positioning. With a complex proposition, it was challenging for TTMC to communicate the benefits succinctly across multiple persona groups. It became clear that the CX function is generally less well defined and responsibility often shared across teams including Marketing, Customer Service, and Operations. This varied from organisation to organisation, making it often difficult to identify and reach the relevant decision maker. It also became clear that the customer journey varied significantly from sector to sector which complicated the process of identifying pain points and communicating value when calling for the CX campaign.


The client has been impressed with the capabilities and depth of insight provided by the telemarketing channel, which has far exceeded original perceptions. The channel has provided a very effective mechanism with which to deliver a proof of concept and has proven its ability to take cold data right through to well-qualified demo opportunities, even with a more complex proposition. The quality of insight delivered has allowed Call360 to validate assumptions and concepts, perfect positioning and develop USPs, which will be invaluable in informing future strategy.

Client and agency continue to work collaboratively to further refine the approach, expand the proposition and improve performance. Focus has been narrowed to prioritise Marketing Optimisation specifically, and to drill down into sectors such as automotive where real traction has been gained. Call360 has now extended their in-house Sales Development Resource to accommodate a higher volume of demos. Client and agency are looking to further integrate both teams and reviewing how telemarketing might also benefit other parts of the business. 

I was very impressed with the TTMC team from day one, even in Angus’ approach to selling the service. Daren and the account management team communicated clearly and honestly at all times.
Director of Business Development