Respond to your web and digitally generated leads in a timely, consistent, efficient and continuous fashion

Does your business generate a high volume of enquiries, particularly web generated leads? Are you struggling to respond to them quickly and thoroughly?

It may be that operationally your business is not set up to act immediately on these enquiries. Your teams may be outbound rather than inbound focused. Volumes may have grown beyond what you can handle. Whatever the cause, not only are you seeing poor conversion of your neglected flow of new enquiries, but your backlog of unqualified leads is also steadily growing.

Delaying follow-up with enquiries (made by potential customers, who were ready to talk when they got in touch) will mean lower contact rates and inflated cost-per-conversion.

Just as importantly, delay risks losing the lead altogether to a competitor.

According to Forbes, on average companies take 46 hours and 53 minutes to pick up the phone and respond to a lead. Moreover, the average sales rep only makes 1.3 call attempts before giving up and moving on.

When it comes to dial attempts, making at least three attempts to reach an enquirer (which is our standard) yields over double the results gained by giving up after one.

The Telemarketing Company can provide a rapid and thorough lead qualification service, calling back enquiries within tight SLAs and delivering rich opportunity to your team, ensuring no lead gets left behind. Combined with our Hot Key Transfer model, we can turn your lead flow and backlog into a stream of qualified buyers on the phone, fed directly to your sales team.

The benefits of a programmatic approach to lead response management include the opportunity to:

  • Mine backlog of unworked leads for opportunity
  • Increase contact conversion and boost sales
  • Improve customer experience and brand reputation¬†
  • Increase ROI from marketing spend