Effective, Integrated B2B Lead Generation

Today, most sales and marketing professionals agree that the funnel is no longer a linear process, leads can go up and down the funnel, exit the funnel at different stages to return at a later point or fall out completely, often for no obvious reason.

With this additional complexity, it is more essential than ever to ensure you are generating the type and level of lead required for each stage of the funnel, in order to secure a return on your lead generation efforts. At The Telemarketing Company, we help our clients address their particular lead challenges at all stages of the funnel, through finding leads to fill the top of the funnel, to qualifying, progressing and nurturing leads in the middle of the funnel, through to closing sales at the bottom of the funnel.

Our starting point is to work with our clients to understand what ‘type’ or ‘level’ of lead they are looking to generate or qualify and devise strategies and campaigns to deliver against their lead generation objectives.

Many of our clients approach us knowing precisely what they want in terms of quality and level of lead qualification, others need more of a consultative approach. Whatever the level of sophistication of your sales and marketing funnel, we find that ‘voice contact’ used wisely at different stages can facilitate and improve the flow of leads, ensuring all leads are taken care of at every step along the way, right through to eventual closed/won opportunities. Research by the Direct Marketing Association confirms that telemarketing can provide a stronger ROI than many other lead generation channels, delivering £10 for every £1 spent.

At The Telemarketing Company, we achieve this by building talented teams quickly and effectively to deliver exactly what you need whether these are ‘low level – profile fit’ leads or ‘higher level – propensity to buy’ leads through to sales-ready BANT qualified.

Our experienced ISMM trained agents are skilled at:

  • building and managing a pipeline of qualified leads: nurturing records over days, weeks or months depending on length of sales cycle 
  • scoring leads using the BANT methodology (Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale) to ensure that every sales lead has true potential to convert into business
  • producing properly qualified leads for sales conversion
  • for ‘higher level’ leads, using a solution sales methodology to engage business decision makers in productive, unscripted conversations, asking open questions, uncovering business pain points and matching benefits
  • managing closed loop feedback to drive continuous improvement in the team’s performance

To find out more about our B2B lead generation expertise, call us on 01273 765 000 or email us at info@ttmc.co.uk. Alternatively use our live chat function to discover how we can help you to achieve your objectives with our sales appointment services.