Properly conducted telemarketing can work at a level you might not expect, and achieve far more than you might imagine.

B2B Telemarketing is a highly effective, flexible and measurable route to market. Research by the Direct Marketing Association confirms it can provide a stronger ROI than many other channels delivering £10 for every £1 spent, a return which increases when telemarketing is integrated with other channels.

In today’s multi touch marketing world successful campaigns deliver a highly consistent message across a proliferation of channels, be that digital, social, print or direct. Good quality voice telemarketing used at the appropriate point in the funnel can be a valuable addition to the mix, driving up conversion rates throughout the sales cycle.

Complex, high value B2B propositions require real conversations with prospects in order to progress to a close. As the leading outbound B2B telemarketing company in the UK, we make sure that your voice contact program is as effective as possible - outsourcing to us means that you have the UK’s leading experts in this specialist field on your team.

Our 220 strong team of agents broadly work across our four primary teams:

  • Telemarketing – Lead generation; event marketing; appointment setting; high volume, low transaction telesales
  • Market Research – pre and post sales market research; Voice of customer, brand perception and customer satisfaction surveys; Customer and competitive intelligence, TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) compliance calls;Data Cleansing & Enhancement
  • Inbound marketing - Tailored customer service operations; Product launch or promotional inbound call management; Recall, Helplines & Crisis management ; Management and qualification of inbound MQLs / SQLs; Live chat response
  • Inside Sales – Sales acceleration; Channel development; Lead nurture and recycling; Account nurturing

To find out more about our voice contact services, call us on 01273 765 000 or email us at Alternatively use our live chat function to discuss how we can help you to achieve your objectives.