TCF, Part VII Transfer and Compliance Telephone Support Services

The FCA’s continued focus on driving good customer outcomes is a clear signal to companies that conduct risk should remain high up their corporate agenda.

As an FCA authorised and regulated business, The Telemarketing Company is well placed to help financial services organisations meet their compliance obligations using a specialist team within our telephone research unit.

And, as a regulated business, we adhere to strict codes of conduct and meet rigorous standards around data protection, handling and confidentiality.

Common compliance projects managed by our specialist inbound and outbound calling teams include:

    • TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) compliance call needs.
    • Post sales welcome calls
    • Inbound call handling and outbound post sales client surveys
    • Complaint handling
    • Part VII transfer inbound enquiry handling

We'd be happy to explain what we can do for you to help you meet your compliance requirements - contact us today to find out more.