Flexible and Competitive Telephone Interviewing conducted to industry best practice standards

TTMC Research is a company partner of the Market Research Society and is a leading provider of CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) services. We deliver high quality English and multi-lingual research fieldwork for research agencies and direct clients.

Our flexible, competitive services span prospect research, customer satisfaction surveys and FCA regulated TCF compliance surveys.

Our technology, insight and experience are used to assist with survey design and to drive consistent, verifiable results, backed up by blanket call recordings. 

We have a large, dedicated team of expert IQCS accredited interviewers, trained using the Market Research Society's AITS (Accredited Interviewer Training Scheme) framework. With 180 CATI stations we are also able to work on rapid turnaround projects of any scale. Quick, flexible and consultative, we operate to strict and robust quality standards to deliver reliable, consistent insight across hundreds of thousands of surveys per year.

For more information about our CATI services call us on 01273 765 000 or email us at info@ttmc.co.uk. Alternatively use our live chat function to speak to one of our experts.

MRS Operations Awards Finalise 2014