Unlock the value of your data

In a world of ‘big data’ and predictive analytics, you could be forgiven for predicting a rather bleak future for market research. The reality is in fact much less gloomy.

Market research still has an important part to play in harnessing the power of ‘big data’.  Research allows us to filter the real insights from the mass of ‘noise’ in any data set, large or small, uncovering the attitudinal drivers of certain behaviours or changes to behaviour. Used in tandem businesses can derive better insights, make better decisions and improve business results, delighting their customers along the way.

If you are looking to unlock the value of your data and better serve your customer’s ever-changing needs and demands then don’t underestimate the personal touch.

TTMC Research, our dedicated full time B2B and B2C market research team delivers a comprehensive range of telephone services and has extensive experience in conducting:

  • Telephone pre-sales and post sales market research
  • Voice of customer, brand perception and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Net Promoter Score Surveys
  • Customer and competitive intelligence and segmentation research
  • Outbound post sales client surveys including TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) compliance calls
  • Data Cleansing & Enhancement
  • Inbound call handling
  • Minority group surveys

Customer retention is based on sound business intelligence; when conducted by experienced, dedicated and well-trained telemarketing specialists it gives you the opportunity to turn data into actionable insights. B2B companies realise that they need to be customer-centric to compete in today’s market. Rapport can be built through a one to one conversation so that customers feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. In addition, telephone research can be targeted at the right people and the right market segments. Research is, therefore, more likely to accurately reflect the opinions of the target customer group.

We work across a number of sectors amongst consumer and business to business audiences in both the UK and internationally.

For more information about our telephone market research services call us on 01273 765 000 or email us at info@ttmc.co.uk.  Alternatively use our chat function to speak to one of our experts.

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