How to set up a B2B Telemarketing Campaign

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Category: How to Guides

Why should you use telemarketing as part of your marketing mix? You almost certainly already use the phone to create and develop business leads and close deals – which is, in essence, “telemarketing”. Voice contact remains an essential element of most B2B sales processes – Sirius Decisions and most digitally focussed enterprise marketing teams recommend and use telemarketing.

Telemarketing as part of an Integrated Approach

Thursday, June 4, 2015 Category: How to Guides

Whichever term you subscribe to – cross channel, multi channel, omni channel – it is well understood that the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts improves when activities are integrated across channels. Whilst the arrival of digital and social media has had a major impact, traditional marketing channels are still very effective. The SMART approach is to take advantage of the attributes of each within an integrated multi-channel approach utilising the media, which best supports your goals and objectives.

How Telemarketing can support Account-Based Marketing

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Category: How to Guides

A quick Google search shows that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been around for some time but has gained new momentum with advances in marketing automation and technology for ad targeting and web personalisation. For those unfamiliar with the concept, ABM focuses on accounts with the highest potential value and aims to build an in-depth understanding to support a targeted ‘one to one’ approach. A small set of key accounts is handled as a single market, with market research informing strategies to address the client’s particular business goals. The strategy aligns across sales and marketing providing a sustainable approach to increased growth and profitability.

10 Ways to Optimise the B2B Sales Funnel

Monday, April 13, 2015 Category: How to Guides

With the arrival of social and digital channels, the sales funnel has evolved. We now understand the value of social media in nurturing relationships, engaging and interacting with a community of individuals on a huge scale. The Buyersphere Report 2015, however, found that 50% of B2B buyers surveyed did not use social media, a statistic that had changed little since the same report in 2013. Whilst digital can engage on a broader scale, there is clearly a limit to the number of B2B buyers it can reach.

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How to Maximise Event ROI

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Category: How to Guides

Events are one of the most effective ways to generate high quality leads and opportunities but they are also one most expensive, not just in financial terms, but in terms of the time and resource they require. Here are our top ten tips for securing your Event ROI

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How to Create a Campaign Brief

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Category: How to Guides

As an agency that deals with every type of customer within almost every sector, from small accountancy firms to suppliers of healthcare services and global insurers, we appreciate the value of a clear and compelling brief. Whether you are briefing an internal team, or an external agency, whatever the campaign type - email, advertising, or indeed telemarketing - a good brief is one of the most important success factors.

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How to Buy B2B Data

Friday, March 6, 2015 Category: How to Guides

A clean, accurately targeted and relevant list is a critical factor in the success of any marketing campaign. A poor quality list with out of date contact information that doesn’t match your target prospect not only wastes budget but also diverts time and resources from more productive activities. A reliable set of data with up-to-date contact details that meet your criteria will maximise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and provide your sales team with well qualified leads that convert easily. If you are considering purchasing B2B data for any sort of campaign, whether email, direct mail, telemarketing or other, these are our top tips for sourcing data.

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