Clean, accurate and comprehensive customer and prospect data is a prerequisite to any sales, marketing and customer management strategy.

Data decays at a rate of over 30% each year.

Managing and maintaining your customer and prospect data will deliver wide ranging benefits to your company but most importantly it will maximise the impact of your marketing efforts, boost sales and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Building out your data and verifying and validating existing data is the core part of our service, capturing replacement names, confirming responsibility for business decisions and capturing opt-in email addresses.

Our specialist research team has extensive experience of conducting telephone based data cleansing, profiling and enhancement work across a wide range of both consumer and B2B sectors in both the UK and internationally. 

On average, we update, cleanse and enhance over 250,000 records every year on behalf of our clients, which range from simple cleansing and updating to more complex profiling and opt-in email capture.

To find out more about our database cleansing and enhancement services call us on 01273 765 000 or email us at Alternatively use our live chat function to chat to one of our experts today.


Our Standards

As an accredited Company Partner of the Market Research Society we operate our campaigns in strict compliance with its code of conduct, using IQCS monitored and AITS trained agents. This guarantees that all of our campaigns are carried out in accordance with research industry best practice.