Bad data costs money – improve data quality to increase marketing ROI and ensure GDPR compliance

Research suggests that B2B data decays at approximately 30% per year; if your marketing database is just two years old, 60% of it is likely to be out of date. Two thirds of your direct marketing budget could be going to waste. Inaccurate or flawed customer and prospect data will always cost your business money. Having access to clean, up to date and accurate data is essential if you are to benefit from the insights your customer data can provide.

In addition, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May 2018 and impacts anyone controlling or processing personal data pertaining to EU Citizens. The new regulations significantly tighten the rules around consent and proof of consent and, with potential fines of up to £10m, it is essential that any business using marketing automation or any form of email marketing, ensures they are compliant.

“Consent should be given by a clear affirmative act establishing a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of agreement” – Recital 32, GDPR

Our database cleaning services can quickly and accurately transform your data to create a high quality, profiled database with named contacts and individual opt-in email addresses to dramatically improve marketing ROI.

Our telephone database cleaning and enhancement services include:

  • Email address verification and validation
  • Securing affirmative, unambiguous consent 
  • Data de-duplication
  • Address refresh
  • Third party data enhancement
  • Data enhancement (job title, role, responsibilities, decision making contacts)

We work to the highest professional standards and can use our multilingual skills to support international campaigns. During database cleaning and enhancement projects we use robust and flexible technology, rigorous quality assurance and a skilled, experienced team of agents and managers to ensure that your database is a powerful foundation for all of your direct marketing.

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  • Marketing opt-ins secured
  • Verification and testing for all emails captured
  • Blanket recording of all calls
  • Switchboard, department or decision maker level calling
  • Cleansing can be combined with desk research