Excellent record of Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaigns wins longstanding relationship with Europe’s largest specialist insurance broker Towergate.

Towergate Insurance is Europe’s largest independently owned insurance intermediary offering a broad range of market leading products. With over 5,000 staff based across more than 120 offices, Towergate employ experts in each and every field of insurance that they offer covering more than 200 specialist insurance products. This means Towergate are ready to serve businesses in virtually every industry, creating flexible policies that meet their customers’ requirements now and into the future.

Towergate’s relationship with The Telemarketing Company dates back to 2009 and we have delivered multiple campaigns for different divisions including: Towergate Patrick, Towergate Forcourt, Towergate Haulage, Towergate Cleaning Contractors and Towergate Didcot.

Towergate have used a number of different services with The Telemarketing Company including Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Seminar Attendance and Data Cleansing. 

On more than one occasion The Telemarketing Company have been benchmarked against other agencies and have won the entire project, taking over the full data set and delivering great results.

Towergate Haulage

The Telemarketing Company has undertaken a number of campaigns for Towergate Haulage with two so far in 2013.  Below is a more detailed look at one of their early campaigns.

Project background

These Transportation Insurance campaigns have all been focused on the suite of insurance products which Towergate Insurance offers for the Haulage industry and can vary from truck insurance products designed specifically for hauliers operating up to five HGV’s, through to large fleet operators. 

The market is a competitive one, and it is therefore important to be able to reach out to prospects quickly with new products and services. The Telemarketing Company was chosen originally because we were able to demonstrate agility and flexibility in both the messaging and interaction with Towergate, and this is the reason that the relationship between both parties has remained strong.

Project execution and results

The Telemarketing Company worked closely with Towergate Insurance to purchase data for the first campaign and then “flagged” the data into categories, depending on the degrees to which the prospects were known to or in some cases already working with Towergate Insurance, as clearly existing customers can also benefit from new product releases.

The next step was to identify which products were suitable as the data was called through and, as each product has a different lead in time, to diarise renewal dates accordingly so that subsequent contacts were made at just the right time.

Call recordings were sent across on a regular basis and both parties worked at refining the approach and providing The Telemarketing Company with as much industry expertise and USP’s, as were necessary to be highly effective.  This first campaign, which ran for a number of months, produced a total of 500 Sales Leads across all products for the Sales team.  

Subsequent campaigns have run on very similar lines, focusing on new products and a new database acquired by Towergate Insurance.  

Below are a few examples of some of the results The Telemarketing Company has achieved for these divisions:

Towergate Patrick – Specialist Care Home Insurance: Campaign of 200 calling hours – 70 Telephone Appointments (produced with limited data)

Towergate Forecourt – Motor Trade Insurance: Campaign of 480 calling hours – 378 Appointments produced

Towergate Haulage – Transportation Insurance: Campaign of 1764 calling hours – 500 leads produced

Towergate Cleaning Contractors – Cleaning Contractors Liability Insurance: Campaign of 609 calling hours – 115 Telephone Appointments and 15 Face to Face Appointments produced

Towergate Didcot – Risk Solutions: Campaign of 40 calling hours – 8 Seminar interests and 8 Leads produced.


"I have found The Telemarketing Company to be very professional in my dealing with them and very aware of our business need. They delivered what they promised in a relative short timeframe and gave our lead pipeline a boost.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Sales Manager, Towergate Insurance in Telford